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Assoc. & Employee Contracts

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Forms for Dental Office Employees:

1aempgensmpl30.JPG Employment Agreement - Auxillary Staff
General employment form for for dental assistants, dental hygienists, and office managers. Includes seperate pages for interchangeable non-compete and non-disclosure clauses, to be used as and if needed.
1aassocagrmtsample30.JPG Dentist Associate Emloyment Agreement
Basic employment agreement for the dentist associate (10 pages), including variable compensation provision, as well as covenant not to compete provision.
socialmediaimage.JPG Social Media Dental Office Prohibited Use Policy
Dental Office Policy: Prohibited Use of Social Media at Work - The purpose of this policy form is to provide employees with requirements for participation in social media, including office-hosted social media, and non-office social media in which the employee's practice affiliation is known, identified or presumed.